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Balancing the chakras .. (Root chakra)

Updated: Jan 12

Out with the old, and in with the new! Fresh starts are always the theme with any new year (of course), so I figured I'd help the collective with some tips on balancing our chakras. Now, idk about y'all, but mines could definitely use the reset! From the everyday hustle and bustle, to everything else in between, our whole being can be rocked if we aren't firmly plant.

The root chakra is what keeps us grounded when all hell breaks loose. I like to look at the root chakra as my anchor that keeps me rooted in peace. Signs that your root chakra is out of whack or unbalance are stagnation, feelings of disconnection, you may feel or become lost, depleted just stuck.

One of my favorite ways to balance my root chakra is by going for a nature hike. It's such a good feeling to just get out and take notice of how I feel being out in such a beautiful scenery. Looking at the trees, admiring the colors of the leaves, appreciating the breeze that caresses my skin.. it all keeps you in the moment.

Another go to of mines are affirmations. Scientifically, affirmations restructure our DNA. Here's a few that you could incorporate in your daily rising:

  • I am at home in my body.

  • I have everything I manifest the life I desire.

  • With each breath, I let go of all anxiety and fear.

  • I am centered and grounded.

  • I am here and I am safe.

A few tips to remember with balancing this chakra is the importance of staying hydrated. Dehydration of the cells is what causes them to break down leading to fatigue, poor digestion and social and emotional issues just to name a few. I would also recommend adding chlorophyll, Cheyanne Pepper and alkaline or electrolyte rich water into your diet while you are working on balancing this chakra (as always check with a medical professional before indulging in anything unfamiliar to you and your body).

Root Chakra Properties

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Crystals: Red Jasper, Red Agate, Red Quartz

Essential oils: Frankincense, Cedarwood, Patchouli

Each month be intentional with the balancing of the chakras and this in the internal makeup of your beautiful being.

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Happy Healing!

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