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Unleash your creativity

Well we're just about done with the first month of the what? You probably have a HUGE list of goals you're working towards that are kicking your butt, started a new healthy habit that you might be ready to give up on, and might already be feeling exhausted.'s only January, chill.

One of my plans for the New Year has been to really tap back in with my creativity. I remember being a kid and drifting off into daydreams regularly. Many days my mom scolded me for "being on lunch break" as she would call it. As an adult though, I find myself doing the same thing just as often. I'm randomly daydreaming about something I've had on my mind to paint for the longest, a song stuck in my head or even a trail I've been wanting to hike or bike ride. All these stagnant thoughts don't do me that much good stuck in my head. It's so much power in embracing our creativity and being able to express it..however it looks.

Tapping in to our creative side helps us to connect with ourselves. It is the key component in opening up our third eye actually. This is because when we genuinely create, we don't think, we just do. That brings me to another great point in how it's also a great stress reliever as it serves as a natural anti-depressant.

No matter how you express your creativity, know that it is one of the best ways to help you feel amazing. And remember, don't think. Just create.

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