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(3) White Sage Bundles

(3) White Sage Bundles

Say goodbye to negative energy with our White Sage Bundles!


Smudging white Sage definitely helps to allow the flow of more positivite energy in your life & space.


This process of burning Sage helps to purify not only the physical level, but also restore you emotionally, spiritually and mentally. 


Benefits of smudging (burning Sage): 

*Purifies the air (removing airborne bacteria)

*Improves mood & cognition

*Reduces stress & anxiety 

*Wards off negative energy

*Promotes intuition & mindfulness

*Cleanses objects, spaces & even your own energy 

*Repells insects 


(When smudging, be mindful of your space and be sure to watch for ashes that may disperse.)



    $8.00 Regular Price
    $5.50Sale Price
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